​​The Mississippi Research Initiative (MRI) addresses weaknesses in dissemination and interpretation of data before (preparedness and protection), during (response), and after (response and recovery) a mass-casualty, all-hazard event, including the lack of interoperability and coordination among State, local, and regional homeland security professionals. This thrust area will address these coordination challenges beginning at the State level with the long term goal of integrating different, but complementary, activities occurring across the Southeast region in to one integrated approach. This initiative will focus on areas of research involving both Mississippi educational institutions and ORNL with particular emphasis on areas in which Mississippi and ORNL already have complementary research capability. By targeting complementary capabilities, DHS will be able to leverage extensive previous investment by other organizations. Additionally, focusing on complementary research will ensure the quickest path to technology that can be transitioned to the homeland security community. Participating Mississippi educational institutions include: Alcorn State University (Lorman, MS); Jackson State University (Jackson, MS); Mississippi State University (Starkville, MS); University of Mississippi (Oxford, MS); and University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg, MS).

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Alcorn State University